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tv   [untitled]    January 20, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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through the plant. a lot of people don't realize how much work sgo goes into cleaning the water were. we offer free service to san >> welcome to the san francisco entertainment commission and i'm glad you're all here together. please turn off ourcells cell phones or keep them to vibrate. if you're planning on speaking there's those pink slips there are speaker cards. fill them out. a big thank you to sfgovtv and
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presenting this on air and on the internet. so let's start this meeting with the role call >> commissioner hyde. commissioner joseph. supervisor weiner. commissioner campagnoli. president tan and we have a quantum and for the record commissioner akers commissioner akers will be 15 or 20 minutes late and a i'm not sure about commissioner perez. so the first item is any public comment? we have time for any any public comment? related to the commission that isn't agendized so you're welcome to come up. seeing none. nope that item is closed. we'll move on to item 2 the
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approval of the minutes. commissioners any edits to make or - >> i move to approve. >> second. great there's a motion and a second. there's no discussion so can we take it to vote and commissioner campagnoli. commissioner lee. commissioner joseph. commissioner hyde. president tan >> no. okay. all right. item 3 is the report from the executive director to go ahead ms. king >> i will be brief. good evening and happy new year. starting with legislative policy update i've can't take down on my report is agendized for item 7 so that will take the place on
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the agenda and a move to update you on the water ordinance. behind this memo i've expanded the actual 0 legislation this was introduced that i supervisor chiu and it was intended to phase out plastic water bottles from city areas by october 16th i think is the latest date in the phasing out of water bottles legislation. so it includes the enforcement and penalties and this is to be done by the department of the environment and we'll be curious about that. again i'm not sure - i don't have the whole trajectory. we will ask president choosing
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office what they intended. it says environmental code it maybe go to the committee and to the full board but in any case is it fair to say triumphed to us and now to you for informational purposes only >> can i interrupt you i want to ask you a question. i have not read this yet is there any way around how they expect us to dispense water to large populations at street festivals like san francisco pride that has between 1.2 and .5 million people last year did they talk about that >> i don't believe they're going to stipulate the remedies per say only if you can't sell bottled water their has been similar challenges at things not
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quite as big on port property but this is some profiles e pieces of properties in san francisco so i'm not perpetrate to answer but i think it's a fair question that you ought to hear and a commissioner chiu will be here. >> well they'll be here on the board liquor moratorium. >> okay. great thank you. >> so i indicated on my memo under the staff and office update items some dates in 2014 of note so you guys are reminded. we're planning on doing 0 another life panel in february the second smallest of that series i guess and i think ben
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is in the back and we've been discussing narrowly the task a little bit and if you come to that it will be similar. i communicated with and have of you regarding a retreat in march of 2014 and some of you have gotten back to me if i haven't attached me dates that will work for a half day in february to do a retreat. we picked the date for the summit that's april 7th i'm giving you much 7, 8, 9. if you'll put that on your calendar now. under the heading of corrective action i want to as a matter of
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consistency we did a director's order for a contraband on december 13th and issued the night club 14 extra conditions and extended the hours and the permit was done on december 3rd. also on northern station with the captain and the ocean owner and staff as well as supervisor breed we discussed an incident about a large fight no formal action will be taken but they've agreed to stop having things in their restaurants and where the bar is as opposed to the night collaborating club where their ticketed themselves. they correlate to the problems
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they've had. so in mid-december there were only two lounge shows scheduled by the end of february i believe so we're hopeful that will take care of the problem and we'll monitor that that concludes my presentation >> great commissions any questions or comments. >> i forgot to add new years eve was extraordinarily quiet. there were parties everywhere there seems is to be although i don't have any data people out having fun as far as our issues there were none person informed of. we reached out to the permit officers and other folks in the police department. aided and abettedy and i went out and commissioner joseph went
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out as well and nothing to report is great as far as i'm concerned >> can you sky where you went. >> all over the place. >> any other comments if not open this up for public comment. any public comment on the director's report? come on up and please state your name and speak into the microphone. >> good evening i'm john and a 26 resident of san francisco and sit on the veterans affairs. i also sit on the board of directors san francisco and i want to echo the comments of
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audrey you can have anomaly let but not break the egg shells so give us a relief if you're going to mandate something >> any other any public comment? ? all right. any public comment? is now closes. we'll move on to item 4 which is police department comments and questions >> hello commissioners. i'm steve from the center station. just as the commission or staff has talked about new years eve it was relatively quote we had enough resources out and saw less violence this year it
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wasn't associated with any of the clubs per say but wisp happy with the broadway area as well as the corridors in the central district. we are dealing with in the central as far as we have the night club and day club life. we've got two clubs on broadway that open up at the 6:00 a.m. lately over the last 5 h 6 months we've got a drug arrest on november 30th at 853 in the morning and the people in the car were going into the club and there was a traffic stapling stop and the person was found with sulk quantity of the drugs and scales. there was also an incident on
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december 29th this was at 12:00 noon at monroe the suspect refused to leave the club and he was booked for public disorderly. we had another one at the green bar on december 7th at 34i7b9d. people were waiting in line for the bathroom and the guy cut the line and he came out and waved a gun in front of them but he was arrested a block away from the bar. there was a large fight 50 involved coming from club atmosphere. this was on december 21st what we had 11 units so it spilled out into the street and also down on montgomery. so there were several units
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called out for that. the last one club horizon had an 18 and over party they had two adult females that passed out one was medically trorptd. the party buses blocked the club on horizon the manager was trond. we like a party bus to be registered. we don't want the buses hanging out there for long periods of time. so they've been spoken to come when the party is over >> why don't you ticket the
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buzz when their double-parked. >> we're trying to work with the buzz and it was more of a communication between the buzz and the club owner. we can also do that but we are trying to help them comply with the policy and the sergeant wanted to work p with them. it wasn't go like a party bus showed up. they arrived a little bit early >> happy new year. >> tell me about the club 11 units respond and i guess the mortgage cycle officers there were 10 fights going on about
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the same time. this was in the street as well as down on montgomery. looking at the cabs it came out at 157 and wasn't cleared until 215. most of the people fled the area. i saw one there was one person detained but was released at the scene. in the cab there was supposedly a weapon but >> nobody went to the hospital. >> no. >> commissioner hyde. >> so did you say that two then passed out where? >> that was at horizon. >> and they were there on the party bus. >> no, it was club horizon there was party buses also going
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driver's license but club horizon had two intoxicated females. >> and whether they were there on the party bus i'm not sure and i was wondering if they came from the party busy mean the biggest problem they don't regulate how they delve outs alcohol; right? >> that's an issue that the police department deals with. if they're coming from it doesn't have to be that far of a distance but if they're going around the city drinking on the buses legally they're able to do that they're not going to spend a lot of money in the club because or their loaded. that's one of the things we want
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the club to do go on the bus and talk to the patrons and do we want 50 people coming into the club if there's an altercation it will be packed >> do the police have a set of realize generally they follow around party buses. >> we have an understanding right now if a club wants to have a party bus they register with the police department and so there's the you understand the staff is going to check the buzz. what we don't want is the buses showing up anytime that creates a lot of problems >> that's central station or across the city. >> that's central station and that's a great idea that
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business don't just show up and doors or overwhelm with the comments of the bus without any warning. >> yes. that's a collaborative that the neighbors as well as the clubs and police department we've been working for quite a few months. next time there's a meeting it should be done in other jurisdictions it's a good idea >> i just had a couple of questions about the late night parties. >> we have people listening up prior to 6 o'clock and they're in their night club outfits i don't think they're setting their left arms and going there. a lot of times they're going to be partying all night or going
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to a place that's unknown to law enforcement. we get complaints of off-hour clubs. that's why talking with the clubs if they're going to be operating from 6 to 12 how many people can stay up especially with the drugs, you know, with the drug arrest it's just a few months ago there was a larger fight where the staff in monroe had to deal with a crazy person that was on drugs and they brought the subject to the hospital and he broke 9 nose of the nurse. so i want the staff to take the different courses they can take through the abc to find out if someone is on drugs so they have more acknowledging whether we want someone in the bar
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>> do you know what specific venues they are and on broadway we have two monroe and cosmo. >> do you know is there like 50 or one hundred. >> it varies because i had a number of officers saying what's going on there used to be a quiet saturday or sunday morning and now they see a large crowd. the crowd could be 50 or one hundred >> okay. >> all right. thank you. any other last comments >> how many times of the atmosphere i mean i hear once a month have you talked to, you know, the owners there as well on their currency security or improvements because it seems to me we hear a lot about
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atmosphere. >> i would say this is between the meeting the entertainment commission that goes back to mid october or november. it's a snapshot but we've spoken with them with jocelyn and cam i didn't just to see the corrective action they can take. you know, for whatever reason, you know, problems solving to see what we can do to make the situation better. the one thing with all the people fighting that was out of the ordinary. i was talking to any lieutenant regarding it >> so you think it's not so much skirt but maybe the type of events or, you know, i mean when you mediate those things we go
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through it as well i mean can we come to some kind of conclusion it keeps happening, you know, obviously, you know, the director, you know, does have to do something about it. >> right there's been different actions on problem solving. why is this happening you should have a club that doesn't need police. is it the entertainment you're having or the drink specialize we you talked about the bottle service or the drink service we really work outside as far as keeping the lines so the sidewalk is not blocked. are there overcrowding issues. we're trying to problem solve to see what we can do to improve it >> okay.
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>> just really quickly to follow up. are they taking care of the sidewalks >> the sidewalks i've been happy with. >> that's what i thought. there's been improvements so is it a particular promoter >> i'm not sure who the promoter for that night. >> okay at the. >> okay. >> thank you, officer. any public comment on the police report? seeing noneseeing none - oh, there is one. when i ask that just get up and raise our hand >> i - happy new year i'm the owner of club monroe a club that was in question. i want to make some that concludes my presentation about the activities that or the party. first for the party buses.
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the party buses in question were actively from a college fraternity they were 18 and over and the portfolio for this is to have the party buses registered for the event for thursday at the latest. they get a little madam chair or printout that they basically put in front of the party bus so the police know this party bus is okay. the portfolio for the party bus is also to go have a squared go on the bus and check out the crowd to make sure they're not intoxicated and they're basically broken up in groups of
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10 or 15. so we call the club owners and that's what we've been doing. as far as the morning parties i'm the club owner i'm there ever morning sunday morning and the reason i'm there i know the type of crowd that's going to be there. i don't right lane on my staff i want to make sure they're not too intoxicated. i've been doing this for two years and there's no incident for the past two months. one was the person that was actually taken out. we had the fight on camera. no one talked or did anything to him he just decided to start
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fighting. we carried him outside and called the police he was rejecting and they took him to the hospital and he assaulted a nurse. one last thing the last one was a person was rejected and he wouldn't leave we held him down and he give up and started fighting with our security guard. if we call the cops for help we try to do a good operation and run a clean operation and basically, when we ask for help - >> that's your time. >> i have a point of information. can you tell me how many nights a week monroe is open >> we're opened wednesday from 6:00 to 2:00 and thursday we
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were open again 6 to 2 and fridays now we open at the 10 but now in three weeks 6 to two and saturdays 10 to 2. >> so you mean 6:00 a.m. >> no 6:00 p.m. >> so sunday you're open 6:00 a.m. to two. >> to 12. >> okay. so you're going into competition and any other any public comment on the police report seeing none, public comment is closed. >> we have a special presentation by the san francisco police department regarding charter section 10 b of the administrator code.
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i didn't as background information this is purely a discussion item that's forgotten for our commission so i appreciate you're being here today. we're not planning on tacking any action to the any public comment? maybe otherwise. we have comments in the supervisors office so whatever i have to present and a - >> i'm a sergeant. as you know the m b program is under the officers of the administrator code b it's been adapted since 1973 the mayor
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signed it into the administrator code back no 1973 and was amended and currently governors the hiring of police services. who can make those requests any organizations can ask for additional police services. a request can be made for additional police personnel and other equipment and k9 and dignitary protection and motorcycles and other materials in the police department to aid the public for their needs. also under the provision of 10 b is a language for the use of the dispatchers for large city events that require additional dispatchers to be put into service. their cost recovery comes under
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that code. additionally the code is the street cleaning for the parking and traffic for the mta for the department for their traffic control. the 10 b unit is centralized on the floor across from the field operations control. we have one captain and two sergeants. what comes through this. the first time that comes to mind is the movies and films. any requirements they have for the shooting of movies we work in concert with the film commission with their requirements what they're going to need for the filming to take place. they generalee


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